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Top 5 Best Folgers Coffee Reviews And Buying Guide

The Best Folgers Coffee is specially blended to provide you with a strong and satisfying cup of coffee. With a bold flavor, it has a deep aroma and full taste that’s sure to satisfy.
This Folgers coffee, the World’s Favorite Coffee, has been specially crafted to deliver a full-bodied and flavorful cup that is smooth and satisfying. Our master blenders select only the highest quality 100% Arabica beans. These beans are slowly roasted at low temperatures to bring out their rich flavor and aroma.

Folgers Coffee comes to you in a variety of flavors. Since 1853, they have been dedicated to the time-honored tradition of roasting the finest whole bean coffees available. The Best Folgers Coffee is specially blended to provide you with a strong and satisfying cup of coffee.
Here is a list of our top quality Folgers coffees.

Best Folgers Coffee Reviews

1. Folgers Classic Roast Medium Roast Coffee

Item FormK-Cups
FlavorClassic Roast – Medium Roast
Caffeine ContentCaffeinated
Roast LevelMedium_roast

Folgers Classic Roast is the classic, everyday medium roast coffee that gets you up and going. It’s one of our bestselling varieties and America’s best-tasting cup of coffee – it has a rich, smooth flavor and a famously fresh aroma enjoyed by generations since 1819.

Nothing helps you grab the day like a steaming cup of Folgers Classic Roast Coffee! Nescafe Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee – French Vanilla is a delicious classic American taste that starts with a rich aroma, delicate smoothness, and sweet good taste of vanilla.

Excellent Coffee

Folgers coffee is called The Best Part of Wakin’ Up for a reason. The mouthwatering flavors and mind-blowing smells simply can’t be beaten — and they won’t let you down. Every cup, every time, you can count on genuine quality.

Craftsmanship Without Compromise

This kind of coffee doesn’t just happen. The Folgers process is thorough, with experience dating back to 1850. Beans are hand-selected for quality and double-dried for a richer, more consistent flavor.

Community Strength

The attention to detail that goes into each batch of Folgers coffee reflects the personalities of the people who make it. Their enthusiasm and honesty are vital to your perfect cup, from seasoned growers to meticulous roasters and tasters.

2. Folgers Classic Roast Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Item FormGround
FlavorClassic Medium
Caffeine ContentCaffeinated
Roast LevelMedium_roast

Delivering a smooth, bold flavor from the very first sip, Folgers Classic Roast Medium Roast Ground Coffee is a medium-roasted blend that pairs perfectly with your morning routine. This hearty, satisfying coffee is known to seep slowly and evenly while retaining intense flavor, making it ideal for drip coffee and French press brewing methods. Serve at home or bring it along to work with you in a thermal coffee mug before work hours start.

Most Popular Coffee

Classic Roast is our most popular coffee. It has a distinctive, rich taste and smooth aroma. Folgers Classic medium roast is the choice of millions of coffee drinkers everywhere, who enjoy its full-bodied flavor. From the first sip to the last drop, it’s the coffee that makes mornings special.

High Quality

100% premium-quality Arabica beans. For an authentic, satisfying cup of coffee every time.

3. Folgers Coffee, Classic(Medium) Roast

Item FormGround
Roast LevelMedium_roast
Package InformationCan

For more than 150 years, Folgers Classic Roast Coffee has been The Best Part of Wakin Up. Made from Mountain Grown beans, its rich aroma, and smooth taste have become a morning tradition for millions of people. With the packaging changing frequently and being produced in many different countries, Folgers Classic Roast put together a distinct identity to make it stand out on retail shelves.

The package was simplified down to a straightforward design with a single language approach for consistency and so that consumers could focus on the coffee’s rich taste and aroma. Careful color choices were made in order to highlight the family values associated with Folgers coffee products: natural brown color representing earthiness and simplicity; gold representing elegance, sophistication and premium quality; white representing purity and simplicity.

America’s favorite

Folgers Classic Roast Coffee, Medium Roast is made from Mountain Grown beans, the world’s richest and most aromatic. Aroma seal can help lock in Freshness for up to 2 months, making Folgers Roast your best morning ritual. The rich, smooth taste of Folgers Classic Roast makes it America’s favorite.


Folgers Classic Roast Coffee offers a rich, medium-body taste that’s deliciously satisfying without the bitterness. It’s made from the highest quality Arabica beans and 100% premium beans, so it’s naturally smooth and distinctive. With its award-winning Classic Roast and aroma seal canister, you’ll enjoy a delicious cup of coffee every time.

4. Fresh Taste of Folgers Coffee

Item FormGround,Liquid
Caffeine ContentDecaffeinated
Package InformationBag

Folgers Coffee is a pioneer in the coffee industry. With the most flavorful blends and expert roasting technology, Folgers Coffee continues to delight its loyal customers for generations with its superior quality. Folgers Coffee comes available in dozens of great varieties that you can enjoy hot or cold. Each Folger Flavor will allow you to make that perfect cup of Folgers Coffee that will bring back all those great memories of your youth!

Delicious Coffee

Folgers Coffee is a classic American brand, making rich, smooth, and delicious coffee for over 145 years. Now you can enjoy the convenience of making fresh Folgers Coffee at home with our line of ground coffees, single serve cups, or gourmet specialty blends. We have everything to help you maintain a perfect home barista without leaving home!

Great Test

Discover our perfect cup of Folgers Coffee. From single-serve to full-pot and mild to dark roasted, there is something for everyone. You can also try our great-tasting gourmet flavors that match your mood. 

5. Folgers Classic Roast Coffee Filter Packs

Item FormGround
FlavorClassic Roast
Caffeine ContentCaffeinated
Roast LevelMedium_roast

Folgers Classic Roast Coffee Filter Packs are a great way for the everyday coffee drinker to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee every morning, without storing a coffee pot.

This medium roast offers robust flavor without bitterness and is ideal for those who prefer a milder taste. This product also comes with a variety of convenient features including a resealable zip-top package, an easy-to-use auto-drip feature, and odor-blocking filters that absorb the roast and lock in flavor.

Quick Cup of Coffee

These Folgers Classic Roast Coffee filter packs come in a convenient, easy-to-use single serving size so you can brew a quick cup of coffee. The medium roast flavor makes it perfect to enjoy at any time of day.

100% chlorine free

Folgers Classic Roast Coffee Filter Packs make every cup of coffee delicious. With real cocoa and a smooth, rich flavor, Folgers Classic Roast gives you a taste of pure pleasure in every cup. This medium roast coffee blends the flavors of our famous 100% Arabica beans with a touch of cocoa for a taste that’s simply delicious. The filters are made from paper materials and are 100% chlorine free and are also biodegradable.

Flavorful Coffee

Folgers Classic Roast Coffee Filter Packs are rich and flavorful coffee, full of flavor – and they’re compatible with every Classic Roast coffeemaker. These ground coffees produce a consistent roast and cup color every time, so you’ll never be disappointed!

Ingredients and Sizes of Folgers Coffee

Best Folgers Coffee


The majority of Folgers coffees have a mix of arabica and robusta beans. While arabica beans have a more diverse flavor profile, robusta beans have higher caffeine content.

While you can buy Folgers coffee made entirely of arabica beans, unless the label specifies otherwise, you should assume you’re getting a blend.

Labels and Location

Folgers buy beans from all around the world, frequently through direct commerce to keep in touch with the coffee bean growers.

In general, Folger’s coffee labels do not specify ingredients, and they do not sell organic coffee, despite the fact that several of their mixes are Kosher.

Folgers Coffee Types

Mild, medium, medium dark, and dark roasts are available from Folgers. Any of these roasts and blends of beans can create a good cup of coffee, depending on your tastes and preferences. ​

Review of Folger coffee

Ground or Whole

The majority of Folgers coffee is sold ground, however, they do sell whole beans in a 44 ounce / 1.24-kilogram bag. Because there are no arabica or robusta labels on this product, the customer should assume it’s a combination.

Sizes of Folgers Coffee Cans

Users of Keurig and other pod coffee makers will love Folgers’ extensive selection of K-cups. Single brew cups are available in single pod format for everything from the luscious Folgers Black Silk to the smooth Folgers Half Caff.

Coffee singles come in traditional roast, classic decaf, and specialty flavors like French vanilla cappuccino packets and mocha.

Folgers are also available in plastic flavor-sealed canisters ranging in size from 10.3 ounces to the 33.9-ounce classic roast. The largest containers available for enthusiasts of the more unusual roasts or flavored coffees will be 12 ounces or less. ​

Company Information for Folgers

James Folgers founded Folgers Coffee in 1854. He began his coffee career at the age of 14 with Pioneer Steam Coffee and Spice Mills, and by the age of 19, he was a full partner in the company. He bought out his partners after the Civil War and renamed the company JA Folgers & Co. Most coffee beans were bought and sold based on their appearance rather than their taste, as was customary at the time.

Before buying beans, James Folgers conducted a taste test and discovered that beans cultivated in the mountains had the best and most consistent flavor. Folgers works directly with Nicaraguan family coffee estates to ensure high-quality beans at a reasonable (but market-driven) price.

The Folgers jingle has also become part of the American marketing vernacular, thanks to a classic Christmas commercial portraying a returning son joining the family for a surprise early morning cup of coffee.

​Folgers currently roast all of their beans in New Orleans. According to Jennifer Larino of New Orleans City Business, Folgers made a significant investment in their New Orleans plant and relocated their entire roasting process there. This plant also processes Dunkin’ Donuts and Millstone coffee, in addition to Folgers.

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Which Folgers coffee is the strongest?

You can’t go wrong with Folgers Noir Smoky Midnight if you’re seeking Folgers’ strongest coffee. Any of the Folgers Noir coffees will satisfy coffee enthusiasts who prefer a deep, strong flavor.

What is Folgers famous?

Folgers Coffee is a brand of ground, instant, and single-use pod coffee that is manufactured in the United States and sold throughout the world, including Asia, Canada, and Mexico.

What kind of coffee does Folgers use?

Folgers are created using a blend of robusta and arabica coffee beans that are mountain grown and medium-roasted for a rich, smooth flavor, according to the company’s website.

What is the difference in Folgers coffee?

Blends. The majority of Folgers coffees have a mix of arabica and robusta beans. While arabica beans have a more diverse flavor profile, robusta beans have higher caffeine content. While you can buy Folgers coffee made entirely of arabica beans, unless the label specifies otherwise, you should assume you’re getting a blend.

Is Folgers unhealthy?

Antioxidants, polyphenols, and a few important vitamins and minerals are abundant. It can boost your memory and blood circulation while also increasing attentiveness and decreasing discomfort symptoms.

Does Folgers or Maxwell House have more caffeine?

Is Folgers Caffeine Richer Than Maxwell House? The caffeine content of Folgers coffee is 40mg per cup, while Maxwell House has 112mg. In this situation, Maxwell House Coffee has more caffeine and is, therefore, a superior choice for a morning boost.

Which coffee drink is the strongest?

A ristretto is the most concentrated coffee kind, with the highest caffeine content. However, because a lungo is larger than a ristretto, it contains more caffeine. These are the strongest coffee types based on caffeine content levels: RISTRETTO

Does Folgers use arabica?

Folgers classic roast is a well-known combination of robusta and arabica coffee beans that is medium-roasted. The ingredients are straightforward. Every Folgers classic roast can contains 100 percent coffee. Pre-ground coffee mixes are produced by Folgers, Maxwell House, and many other well-known mass-market coffee brands.

Bottom Line

Many people all around the world enjoy a cup of coffee each morning. The ability to brew a good cup of coffee at home is becoming more and more popular as people are looking for better tasting coffee than they can find in a typical coffee shop. Best Folgers coffee is one of the most popular brands available and has been around for more than 100 years. Many articles have been written throughout the years that talk about this brand and about how it has affected so many people’s lives for the better.

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