How To Hang Plates On Wall Without Plate Hangers

How To Hang Plates On Wall Without Plate Hangers: 6 Easy Steps

How to hang plates on wall without plate hangers? There are people who like to decorate their homes with nice paintings and pictures. They also like to hang special plates on their walls. There are several advantages of these plates however the main disadvantage is that the normal screws will not work because of the holes in them. The steps below will have your plates adorning the walls of your home in no time at all.


How To Hang Plates On Wall Without Plate Hangers


‘First, determine out the proportions of the plate wall with a tape measure, then place the plates on the floor accordingly,’ Emma advises.

The middle point of the plate wall should be marked with a pencil or tape. This is where your first plate will be hung. It’s also a good idea to mark out the borders of the plate display on the wall with low-tack masking tape, then repeat the practice on a table or the floor to make sure the plate display you’re planning will fit comfortably.


‘Draw a rough drawing of where the plates will go and write down the measurements,’ Emma advises.

Use this as a reference to place the plates on the table or on the floor inside your marked boundaries – and modify until you’re satisfied.

‘Once the plates are in place, measure the distance from the tallest point to the top of each plate, starting at the highest point and working your way down, with the topmost plate being ‘0.’ ‘Then make a line on the wall with these measures,’ Emma advises.


To make templates, draw around each plate on separate pieces of paper and cut them out. Place each template on the wall in the order you want it on the floor. Now take a step back and tweak the layout until you’re satisfied.

‘At this stage, try to follow the measurements as a reference, but remember that this is an artistic process that can be somewhat deviated from to add creative flair!’ Emma advises.


‘Clean the back of each plate where an adhesive disk with a hook will be attached before hanging.’

To avoid fingerprints on your display, make sure to clean the front of the plates as well.


‘Prepare the disk by soaking it in water for five to ten minutes and stroking it with your finger. Stick it to the plate’s underside and let it bond for 24 hours.

‘Once the plates are ready, locate the center point on the wall and use the previously recorded measurements/templates to place a hook point where each plate will be hung, before hanging them according to the plan.


You don’t need nails or screws to hang plates using Command Strips, and you can remove or rearrange the plate display without hurting the wall. It does, however, require that the plates’ bottoms must be flat on the wall, therefore plates with a lip underneath will not be able to be shown with Command Strips, though Command Hooks should work if the plate has a hole through which you can thread string.

Assuming you can use them, clean the backs of the plates thoroughly, then glue one adhesive strip to the wall and the other to the plate, pressing them together until you’re satisfied.

FAQs: how to hang plates on wall without plate hangers

How do you hang a plate without a plate hanger?

Adhesive discs are one of the simplest ways to hang plates on a wall. The discs include glue on the back that activates when a little water is added. You adhere them to the backs of your decorative plates, then hang the discs from the hooks on the wall.

Can you use Command strips to hang plates?

You don’t need nails or screws to hang plates using Command Strips, and you can remove or rearrange the plate display without hurting the wall.

Are plate racks out of style?

Plate racks are back in style, and there are plenty to select from or make yourself! This might be another inexpensive or time-consuming remodel for your kitchen that will provide that special touch you’ve been looking for!


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